Hello Summer

Yesterday it was 75 degrees, today it’s 45 degrees, but we are calling it summer anyway. Thanks to everyone who

Sunday Morning Civics

This Sunday, April 23rd, will be the last in our series of Sunday morning discussions…for now. It has been an

Extra Credit!!

Throughout April we will be offering $3 store credit for good quality used books that you bring in, instead of

Fifteen Years!

In April, we will be celebrating 15 years of serving up books to the Seacoast. Planning lots of fun, so

March 15th Event with Roger Ekirch is canceled!!

Due to bad weather. We will reschedule later in the year. Thanks.

The Penny Poet is now in Paperback!

Katherine Towler’s excellent memoir, about living next door to the poet Robert Dunn, is now available in paperback. Don’t miss

Happy Winter

More PFCs found in local water.

What should we do about poisons in our water? That’s the next topic of Sunday Morning Civics. https://www.ccanh.org/cca-nh-news/cca-nh-confirms-pfcs-in-berrys-brook

Five Dollar Books

Ever look under our New Book tables? You will find boxes full of $5 books. Now you might think these

Writing Hard Stories

Just announced: Melanie Brooks on February 14th What does it take to write an honest memoir? And what happens to