And We’re Back!

Hello! We are open!

Beginning right now, our hours of operation are 10am-6pm, seven days a week. 

Remember, you can order books online, anytime, and have them delivered to your house or pick them up at the store:

What will you find when you come in? First, we’ll ask you to put on a mask if you don’t already have one on (we have extras on hand). Then we’ll ask you to sanitize your hands.We have broken the store into two parts. In the front, we have arranged new and noteworthy books face out, with a description of the book next to it. We hope that with the description provided, you wont need to pick the book up to decide if you want it or not.

The back part of the store will be all of the sections, without much display. We will guide you to a section if you want to browse, and then clean books that you look at before they go back on the shelf.

We’ve put a lot of thought into this, and think we are providing a safe and interesting experience. However, we are still more than happy to do curbside pickup or home delivery if you are avoiding all enclosed spaces. Just give us a call: 603-431-2100