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Patricia Herd has been a teacher, an actress and, at age 86, an emerging writer. She currently has a screenplay in development and is working on a novel based on her mother’s life. She lives in Los Angeles.

Actress, switchboard operator, model, encyclopedia sales-girl, wife, mother. Patricia Herd’s life in 1960s California was unusual, but she was a “good girl” with dreams of stardom. Married to a struggling actor and raising a newborn, Herd saw her own dreams of being an actress stifled. Deep within her was an attraction to the dangerous and the wild, an attraction that would break free and lead Patricia into the counter-culture of the period – a world filled with Junkies, Hookers, and Dykes.

We are proud to be the publisher of this new memoir, and excited that Patricia Herd will join us Mar 29th at 4pm at Sanctuary Arts in Eliot Maine. Need more details? email us at [email protected]