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Awakening (On Being Alive #1)

Awakening (On Being Alive #1)

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Publication Date: August 17th, 2020
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Awakening is the first book in the titled series On Being Alive. The book takes you on a journey of her awakening process. Like most spiritual seekers, Keya traveled to many teachers and masters. If you have been looking and not finding, then this book is for you. When you outgrow a teacher, what do you do? What do you do when what you have believed in for a while no longer makes sense? Remember You are not alone. This book explores those moments and more when Keya had to looker farther than she could see and deeper than she knew. She got comfortable with discomfort and traveled on. She made faith her foe and embarked on a quest to find the formless. Grab the book, turn the cover, and get started. This book is a teaching memoir. It not only shares Keya travails, it also tells you what you could do to avoid them in your life. Also, if you are at crossroads, whether it be in your health, at home, work, love, or life, the book can be your medicine to alleviate your suffering. Here's what others are saying ..."... the narrative is smooth, poignant and impactful, very reminiscent of the writings of Rabindranath Tagore..." Mounika M."Reading Keya's books is like listening to her speak. her message and words are so authentic and come straight from the heart." - Kathy K."Profound - devoid of BS Keya's signature - Unique genuinely self-confident old soul radiates and shares contagious love and joy. One who listens with all their senses will long to emulate. Whew-Wow & Mahalo ... a gift to continue to reflect upon & revisit while seeking grace - being calm & composed & knowing something & actually practicing it - Keya's history begs for the listening heart to want more - to meet, to feel, to make you ponder ..." Stephanie C."Beautiful " - Celeste B."Good stuff " - Remy O."Enjoyed thoroughly." - Pavani K." I loved your story " - Kristen C." ... read it and appreciate you letting me have a glimpse ..." Lily W."Thank you for this opportunity to participate in your journey." Angela B."I enjoyed it " Kimberlyann M.