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On Being Human: A New Earth Guide

On Being Human: A New Earth Guide

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Publication Date: December 12th, 2018
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We are eternal beings of infinite energy in motion. We are way more powerful than we think. We are the air we breathe, the water we drink, the earth between our toes, and the creators of our dreams. We are here to relate to each other, to connect, to evolve, and what we give - we are giving to ourselves. We live in a benevolent, neutral universe where manifestation is instantaneous. Be careful what you wish for. This book serves All as a New Earth guide. I dedicate 'On Being Human' to my being found, to All That Is and The Many beloved Entities who guide me, to those who are in my kind-living Circle, which eternally includes, without limit, my loving and beyond wise Co-Creators - you know who YOU are. I share my total transformation, the complete eclipse of my life, the ever repeating breaking open of my heart, my pure alignment, and my absolute proof that life lives us to hopefully make being human easier for you. So that you, like me, can see the incredible love that we all are.