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Pantsuit Politics Podcast Comes to Portsmouth! Friday April 5th at 6:30pm

South Church 292 State St. Portsmouth

Co-sponsored by the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation

Do you listen to the Pantsuit Politics Podcast? We do! Over the last year it’s been a voice of sanity and nuance in a very tumultuous media landscape. If you aren’t familiar with Beth and Sarah’s unique combination of civility and politics (one leans left, one leans right), you can check them out here:

Good News: Sarah and Beth have a new book out  called I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening).

Library Journal says: This much-needed book from business coach Holland and city commissioner Silvers (Paducah, KY) arrives at a time when many families and friends find themselves on opposite sides of the aisle when discussing political issues. The authors share how to give grace and be vulnerable when addressing topics that affect families and communities. They offer exercises and reflections for keeping conversations productive and flowing as well as unpack the reasons why we feel the way we do–our deeper values and concerns–to assist in honing future conversations around hot-button subjects. VERDICT A must-read and relevant text for anyone talking about today’s politics.

Better News: We are bringing Pantsuit Politics  to Portsmouth in April (along with special guest Senator Maggie Hassan!). The event will be at the South Church, and tickets are just $5. If you pre-buy the book, a ticket is included. Order tickets and books HERE.