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About the book:

The memoir of a mother and educator, Sliding Home follows Susan Cole Ross as she and her husband, Jeff, embark on their greatest adventure as a family and their greatest challenge as educators: a year of homeschooling in the mountains of New Hampshire.

Sliding Home chronicles Susan’s thoughts as she and Jeff observe, coach, and teach their preteen sons – one with dyslexia who leapt four grade levels in reading that year.

Parents struggling to find comfort and encouragement while teaching their kids at home during the pandemic will find solace in an authentic academic’s insights into child development and education.

When many parents and teachers need humor, solace and relatable stories from a fellow parent and educator, Sliding Home is the perfect fit. Readers will be captivated as their family explores beautiful and exhilarating places, feel comfort and encouragement when teaching kids at home, and find solace in an authentic academic’s insights into child development and education. Informed by research but accessible to the layperson, Sliding Home is a timely look at what our children need most to succeed.

Sliding Home will be published by Piscataqua Press on November 16,  2020 and available for pre-order by clicking here.

“Everybody is trying to make remote learning work for their children right now, and a lot of people have ideas on how that should be done, but Susan Ross is a national leader in education and in teacher training. Her story, about her very real struggle to homeschool two boys, is full of real insight and experience, as well as a whole lot of heart.”  –Tom Holbrook, Publisher, Piscataqua Press.

“In the midst of a global pandemic so many parents have moved to the country or begun to teach their children at home, Thus, Parents asked me to publish my memoir to share insights, humor, encouragement, and solace,” Ross recalls. “When our boys were young, we took off to the mountains to homeschool them for a challenging, exciting, and successful year. An adventure of a lifetime! Though these are daunting times, I hope that fellow parents and teachers might find comfort and company in Sliding Home.”

Susan Cole Ross is a national leader in providing professional development to learning specialists. She was president of the Northeast Association of Learning Specialists (NEALS), where, in 2019, members honored her with the Barbara A. Kenefick Award for Service. With forty years of experience teaching students with learning disabilities and training novice teachers for the University Saint Joseph and the Capitol Region Education Council, she has improved countless schools’ inclusivity, retention rates, and service to the greater good. Susan Cole Ross grew up in Exeter, New Hampshire and lives in Rye, New Hampshire with her husband Jeff and dog Maisie.