October 23rd at 6:30pm Thomas Moore Ageless Soul

Thomas Moore is the renowned author of Care of the Soul, the classic #1 New York Times bestseller. In Ageless Soul, Moore reveals a fresh, optimistic, and rewarding path toward aging, one that need not be feared, but rather embraced and cherished. In Moore’s view, aging is the process by which one becomes a more distinctive, complex, fulfilled, loving, and connected person.

Using examples from his practice as a psychotherapist and teacher who lectures widely on the soul of medicine and spirituality, Moore argues for a new vision of aging: as a dramatic series of initiations, rather than a diminishing experience, one that each of us has the tools–experience, maturity, fulfillment–to live out. Subjects include:

*Why melancholy is a natural part of aging, and how to accept it, rather than confuse it with depression
*The vital role of the elder and mentor in the lives of younger people
*The many paths of spiritual growth and learning that open later in life
*Sex and sensuality
*Building new communities and leaving a legacy

Ageless Soul will teach readers how to embrace the richness of experience and how to take life on, accept invitations to new vitality, and feel fulfilled as they get older.

October 25th at 7pm Poetry After Hours

The season opener is going to rock the block with acoustic musician Scott Plante and poet extraordinaire Samantha Hayford! Our theme this month is Mental Health and Addiction Awareness. As always, bring your friends, bring your poetry, and get ready for a phenomenal night of music, poetry and open mic on the second hour!

October 27th at 7:30pm Deerbrook Poets Dennis Camire & Martin Steingesser

Two great Maine poets cross the border to be with us on a special Friday night event.

Martin Steingesser grew up and lived on New York City’s Lower East Side, moving to Maine in 1981. Also a performance poet, he works actively both presenting and teaching in the Maine Arts Commission’s Touring Artist and Artist-in-Residence programs. His poems have garnered national recognition, and he has been a Fellow of Blue Mountain Center for the Arts and recipient of the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast Writers’ Conference Pierre Menard Poetry Scholarship. Martin was Portland Maine’s first Poet Laureate


Dennis Camire currently teaches college writing and creative writing at Central Maine Community College and at White Mountains College. Additionally, he’s on the board of Maine Poetry Central which curates The Portland Poet Laureate Project and the poetry series, In Verse: Maine Places and People, which appears in The Sun Journal Sunday Edition. His last book, Stone By Stone: Poems about the Art of Dry Stone Walling, was published by Finishing Line Press. He lives in an A-frame in West Paris, Maine.



November 7th at 6:30pm New Wilderness Voices

Bethany Taylor, Dianne Fallon and Christine Woodside will read selections from the recently published anthology, New Wilderness Voices: Collected Essays from the Waterman Fund Contest (University Press of New England, 2017).

The reading will include information about the Waterman Fund Alpine Essay Contest, which offers an annual prize of $1500 to a winning essay that celebrates explores issues of wilderness, wildness and humanity. Winning essays, as well as a runner-up, are published in Appalachia, the biannual journal of the Appalachian Mountain Club. Both Fallon and Taylor are previous contest winners, while Woodside is the editor of the new collection (with Amy Seidl).

Fallon, of Kittery Point, is the English Department Chair at York County Community College, and the author of Pioneer on a Mountain Bike: Eight Days Through Early American History.

Taylor, of Portland, works on a variety of environmental and writing projects and serves on the Waterman Fund essay contest review panel.

Woodside, a Connecticut-based journalist, is the editor of Appalachia, as well as the author of Libertarians on the Prairie: Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rose Wilder Lane, and the Making of the Little House Books (Arcade Publishing, 2016).


November 9th at 6:30pm  Bill Pagum The Adventures of Mr. Muffins

Join us to celebrate the release of this delightful children’s book, with illustrations by Leona Hosack.

Mr. Muffins lives a pretty normal life. He goes to school and plays with his toys. But one day, Mr. Muffins pulls a little too hard on his leash while barking at a squirrel, and everything changes.

November 14th at 6:30pm   Michael Cameron Ward A Colored Man in Exeter

In the summer of 1957 the Ward family moved from Brooklyn, New York to Lee, New Hampshire to escape gang violence. It was an era when racial tensions were high and they were the first “colored family” in the area. Needless to say, over the years they encountered many interesting experiences and created a storied life. They also became respected members of the community, led by parents, Harold and Virginia Ward, a couple with strong convictions and compassion.

Harold, Michael Cameron Ward’s 94-year-old father, was hospitalized in the beginning of May 2015 with only weeks to live. On the 20th he made a request of his son: “Michael, I want you to write the stories of our existence. I want my great grandchildren to know where they came from.” Then, as Michael sat beside his father’s bed on the 4th floor at Exeter Hospital, his father recounted stories of his life that had never been told before. If not captured, they would be lost forever. On June 9th, 2015 Harold died, and Michael has been fulfilling his father’s request ever since.