October 11th 5-8pm: Elizabeth Cady Arnold Tapestry

This is a drop-in event to meet the author. Come by any time!

Piscataqua Press is so excited to launch the third book in the Tapestry series.

“A glowing, potent fantasy tale for teens and adults.” – Kirkus

A huntsman with the scars of a warrior stumbles across a young girl in the forest. Mute and dressed in tatters, she cannot recall any memories from her past.

Come enter the kingdom of Blinth, where Tristam’s and Grace’s stories are interwoven as together they explore a time of yellow and blue.

At the end of Book II, Faith returns home to Blinth after a decade enslaved to the sisterhood of the Beast, only to discover she has been replaced. Her Father, Sir Tristam, has raised a waif he found in the woods as his daughter and named her Grace. Once the apple of her Father’s eye, Faith cannot forgive him for failing to rescue her from her abductors. Has she left dark Lolgothe behind, or does she carries it in her heart? Find out in Book III, Unraveling Fate!


About the Author:

Cady Elizabeth “Betsy” Arnold is a Social Worker who believes in the healing power of narrative. In addition, she believes in the beauty of the world, and the meaning to be found in relationships. She has the great good fortune to have served as a counselor in an elementary school, at two colleges, and in various other settings where students have shared their stories with her while on the path to healing and wholeness. Find out more at



October 14th at 3pm Mary Lou Bagley: Other Wise

New author Mary Lou Bagley will be at RiverRun to read from her novel.

OTHER WISE introduces a cast of characters who will find their way into your dreams and beyond. Sixty-two-year-old Margaret Meader is both a native Mainer and an outsider. Though she’s not “from away,” many in her community deem her an oddity, an “other.” Plain-spoken and direct, Margaret is gifted with second sight—an intuitive ability to see beyond ordinary perception and distill what is seen to its practical essence. For decades her gift has benefited many while frightening others, often making her a target for jealousy, suspicion, and hatred. She has her friends and protectors, including the young Emily Donne, whom Margaret encourages to recover abandoned gifts of her own, the mystery that is her mother, and to learn who her long-dead father truly was. But even as Margaret supports friends in need and helps find those who are lost, some old business is coming back around, setting the stage for confrontations rooted in tragedies of the past.