May 16th at 6:30pm  Jody Hetherington, On the Edge of No Answer

A reading and release party will be held at RiverRun Bookstore (142 Fleet Street) in downtown Portsmouth on Tuesday, May 16, at 6:30 p.m. to celebrate the launch of Jody Hetherington’s new book of prose poems, On the Edge of No Answer, which has just been released by Bauhan Publishing. As one poet notes about her work, “She’s like an Indiana Jones of the mind, skillfully excavating treasures, unearthing insight from the likes of ink, mermaids, snow, railroad tracks, missed phone calls, magicians’ hats—any number of objects, emotions, and materials, and within language itself.” Comments another: “Reading a Hetherington poem is like examining a fine diamond—each word, each facet, a tiny, shimmering surprise.”


A writer and editor who has lived in Kittery since 2001, Jody Hetherington (Joal) has been involved in the Seacoast literary community in many ways, including as the cofounder of the Pen Central writing workshops, a member of the Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program board, and a bookseller at RiverRun. She has received awards for both her poetry and her fiction from the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance and has been featured on Writers in the Round on WSCA radio. This is her first full-length book of poetry.

May 21, 6:00pm Donna Buiso, Nothing But My Voice

Despite enduring years of verbal and emotional abuse, nothing prepared Donna Buiso for the disastrous consequences of leaving her manipulative husband. She thought it couldn’t get any worse. She was wrong. Nothing But My Voice traces the destruction of one woman’s life as a result of her husband’s manipulations and the complicity of the Family Probate Court, which refused to acknowledge the existence of abuse. When the Judge awards custody of their children to the father, the mother is left with nothing but her voice. This memoir serves as a battle cry to all women – and men – who lose their children to abusive partners and a corrupt court system that fails to protect the human rights of parents and their children.

Donna Buiso lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. In 2002, she shared her story of how she lost her children when she testified at the Massachusetts State House Grand Staircase for the Battered Mothers Testimony Project (BMTP). In the many years since then, she has heard from countless mothers with similar stories. She hopes that this memoir might help them to also have a voice.

June 30th at 6:30pm Sarah Healy, The Sisters Chase

An absorbing story of two sisters on the road.When their mother dies in a car accident, the Chase sisters, 18-year-old Mary and 4-year-old Hannah (affectionately called Bunny), are on their own. Their connection is intense, “the line where one ended and the other began a malleable, gossamer thing,” but what Mary knows about the identities of the girls’ fathers she does not share. They leave their home and the motel their mother ran on the southeast coast to find lives elsewhere, slowly but surely trailing a kind of fate to the opposite coast. On the road, they have to cobble together funds, shelter, and food. Mary is smart, strong-willed, beautiful, and fiercely protective of Hannah. She knows how to use these powers to manipulate the men she encounters. The first of these is her second cousin’s husband, whom she blackmails for $10,000–a desperate but lifesaving move with major consequences.

July 10th at 6:30pm: Roger Ekirch, American Sanctuary

The extraordinary story of the mutiny aboard the frigate HMS Hermione in 1797 (eight years after the mutiny on the Bounty)–the bloodiest mutiny ever suffered by the Royal Navy, that led to the extradition from America, and the hanging by the British, of the martyred sailor Jonathan Robbins. This event plunged the two-decade-old American Republic into a constitutional crisis, and powerfully contributed to the outcome of the U.S. presidential election of 1800. It propelled to the fore the fundamental issue of political asylum and extradition, still being debated today–more than two hundred years later.

A. ROGER EKIRCH was born in Washington, D.C., and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, and Delmar, New York. He is the author of Bound for America, Birthright, and At Day’s Close. He holds degrees from Dartmouth College and John Hopkins University, and is a professor of history at Virginia Tech.